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Maintain Your Rights and Protect Your Business

Create a Strong Legal Foundation

Establish a robust legal framework personalized to your needs and effortlessly safeguard yourself and your business. Limit liability, protect your intellectual property rights, prevent potential legal conflicts, and so much more.
Terms and conditions help establish a strong legal foundation
Step by process makes creating terms and conditions simple and hassle-free

Complex Task Made Simple

Your time is precious. Generating reliable terms and conditions has never been easier with our streamlined and hassle-free process. Our smart questionnaires will guide you step-by-step from start to finish.

Works for Any Industry and Platform

Our terms and conditions generator is designed to cater to all business types across different platforms. Easily embed the policies into WordPress, Shopify, Wix, and more, and get set up in no time.

Blogs and websites
eCommerce stores
Mobile applications
SaaS applications
Social media pages
Web applications
Our terms and conditions generator supports all types of businesses and platforms, including WordPress, Wix, Shopify, and more.

How Our Terms and Conditions Generator Works

1. Choose your platform

Select the platform you use and the type of website or mobile app you have.

2. Fill in the questionnaire

Answer some questions about your business and how you operate it.

3. Publish the policy

Download, copy, or embed the self-updating personalized policy in minutes.

Everything You Need in One Place

Personalized to Your Needs

No generic or one-size-fits-all templates. Our smart terms and conditions generator understands the specifics of your business, ensuring the created policy is tailored to fit exactly what you do and how you operate.

Drafted by Lawyers

Rest easy knowing that your terms and conditions aren’t just generated by an algorithm but have been curated by a team of legal professionals to ensure compliance and ongoing protection.

Comprehensive Coverage

Whether you run an e-commerce store, a blog, a digital agency, or a SaaS platform, our generators cater to a wide range of business models, ensuring your business stands on solid legal ground without compromises.

No Legal Jargon Guesswork

No need to spend hours researching laws and drafting your terms and conditions. Take the guesswork out of the legal jargon and have them ready in minutes with our step-by-step process anyone can follow.

Automatic Updates

As laws and industry standards evolve over time, so will your terms and conditions agreement. This ensures your legal policies are always up-to-date, safeguarding you from any potential legal pitfalls.

Expert Help Within Reach

Get your questions answered by legal industry experts without the high costs of hiring a lawyer. Our dedicated support team is available to you around the clock, providing high-quality assistance.

Trusted by 150,000+ Businesses

Insanely efficient process and great results! I confess I was a bit skeptical about the solution but decided to give it a chance and answer the questions to generate our terms and conditions, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

Albert Hayfaz
Albert Hayfaz

Exceptional service from WebsitePolicies. They make it so easy. They have comprehensive packages for any type of web-based business and I have peace of mind that the legal side is covered.

Anna Andrews
Anna Andrews

Excellent service. I spent days trying to get my head around writing terms and conditions for my new business start-up. WebsitePolicies was a gem of a find. Easy to follow, quick to use, and professional results.

Leeanna Kelly
Leeanna Kelly

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is recommended for any website or mobile app to have terms and conditions even if you don’t sell anything. They serve as a legal agreement between you and your users or visitors, outline the rules, rights, and responsibilities of both parties, help protect your interests, limit your liability, and much more.

Not having clear and comprehensive terms and conditions can lead to various legal consequences and financial losses. It will be harder to protect your rights and content ownership, enforce user responsibilities, address issues related to user behavior, limit your liability, and others.

Most people complete the online questionnaire in less than 10 minutes. Once finished, our system will automatically generate the terms and conditions agreement for you based on your specific answers, which will be accessible in your account right away.

Yes, you can re-run the questionnaire and customize the agreement in case you’d like to change something to suit your needs better. You can also change the appearance of the terms and conditions agreement if you’d like to embed it on your website or app to match your own theme.

Yes, you can add specific clauses to your terms and conditions in case you’d like to address any additional requirements that are relevant to your business model.

Yes, you can download or copy the terms and conditions agreement once it’s generated. We provide several different formats of the policy text so you can choose whatever works best for you.

Yes, we will host the terms and conditions for you so you can link to them from your website, mobile app, Facebook page, or anywhere else.

Our legal team continuously monitors business and consumer laws and requirements and makes appropriate updates to the terms and conditions generator and related agreements. The frequency of updates varies based on regulatory changes, the latest legal standards, industry practices, and the evolving legal landscape.

Yes, our terms and conditions generator is free. Sign up to create and add terms and conditions to your website or app in minutes. We also provide cost-effective pricing options that come with extra features to ensure your complete legal coverage and guarantee your peace of mind.