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Choose platform

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Only you, the owner, can accurately describe your business and services and how you operate them. Every return and refund policy that we generate is unique and built around the information you provide for the best results.

Build authority and branding

Build authority and brand

Many businesses incorporate their return and refund policies into their brand identity. Don't get left behind and create your own return and refund policy to boost your authority, reputation and establish better customer relationships.

Improve sales and revenue

Improve sales and revenue

A well written and easy-to-read return and refund policy builds trust with your customers and gives them a peace of mind. It makes it easier for them to make a purchase from you which will ultimately improve your sales and revenue.

Protect yourself and your business

Protect yourself and your business

Having a clear return and refund policy in place is vital in ensuring that you and your customers are on the same page when it comes to exchanges, returns or refunds. It can help you prevent unnecessary chargebacks and avoid negative feedback.

Copy the documents or host them with us

Copy or host the documents

We can host your generated refund policy for you for free so you don't have to worry about technical details. If you don't want that and would like to have full control over your documents, you can easily copy the policies to your site or app as well.

Global coverage

Global coverage

We make every effort to cover every country's laws and regulations by adopting the strictest guidelines implemented in each country. Just tell us where you operate and we'll build a custom-tailored policy accordingly just for you.

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I came here looking for a refund policy for my website and found WebsitePolices to have everything I need. Very simple and easy to use as it asks you questions to get the right wording. Great service will use again!

Brandon McCloskey

Brandon McCloskey

WebsitePolicies made my life so much easier. Thanks to their smart solution, I was able to launch my new online service page within a few hours. It saved me hours and hours of research and work. All policies are professional and correct.

Ivona Ondrackova

Ivona Ondrackova

Building a brand is a dream, working on it is an absolute nightmare. The last thing I need to worry about is writing legal policies for my website. WebsitePolicies created the required documents tailored to my needs quickly and painlessly, thanks!

Aras Jamal

Aras Jamal

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a return and refund policy?

A return and refund policy is a document that sets out the circumstances and conditions under which your customers can request reimbursement of the sum paid for a product, how to go about doing so, the delays that apply as well as any exceptions.

What’s a good return policy?

Why is it important to have a clear return and refund policy?

What is a no refund policy?

Is a no refund policy legal?

How do you write a return and refund policy?

Where should your return and refund policy be displayed?

Is a money-back guarantee the same as a refund policy?

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