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Create a comprehensive return and refund policy that is compliant with important consumer laws and regulations.

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Show commitment to transparency to win your customers’ trust in you and your business and grow it faster than ever.

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Do the work that drives you and grow your business while we take care of the ever-changing laws for you.

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Our smart refund policy generator will ensure your documents are tailored to your specific needs to fit exactly what you do and how you operate.

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Save hours of research and take the guesswork out of the legal jargon. Have your refund policy ready in minutes with the easy step-by-step process.

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Create your refund policy for free or take advantage of additional coverage and tools at a fraction of the cost of hiring a lawyer.

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All policies are curated by a team of legal industry experts to maintain compliance and ongoing protection, and give you peace of mind.

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We will automatically notify you of the updates when consumer protection laws and regulations change as they evolve over time.

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No technical knowledge is required to create and add the policies to your site or app with multiple installation methods available.

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Alys Golding

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Ivona Ondrackova

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Anna Andrews

Frequently Asked Questions

A clear and well-written return and refund policy establishes transparency and trust between your e-commerce store and customers. It demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction and makes it easier for your customers to continue with their purchases without second-guessing themselves.

You may create a variety of refund policy types including money-back guarantees and full refunds, partial refunds, no refunds, store credits, and more. Our refund policy generator also supports various product types such as physical products, non-tangible products, and online services.

Most people complete the online questionnaire in less than 10 minutes. After completing the process, our system will instantly generate a personalized refund policy for you, which you can easily access in your account.

Yes, you can re-run the questionnaire and customize the policy in case you’d like to change something to suit your needs better. You can also change the appearance of the refund policy if you’d like to embed it on your website or app to match your own theme.

Yes, you can download or copy the refund policy once it’s generated. We provide several different formats of the policy text so you can choose whatever works best for you.

Yes, we will host the refund policy for you so you can link to it from your website, mobile app, Facebook page, or anywhere else.

Our legal team continuously monitors business and consumer laws and requirements and makes appropriate updates to the refund policy generator and policies. Frequency of updates varies based on regulatory changes, latest legal standards, industry practices, and evolving legal landscape.

Yes, our refund policy generator is free. Sign up to create and add a standard refund policy to your website or app in minutes. We also provide cost-effective pricing options that come with extra features to ensure your complete legal coverage and guarantee your peace of mind.

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