Strictly Necessary Cookies

Definition & Meaning:

Strictly Necessary Cookies are essential for the basic functioning of a website and enable users to navigate around the site and access secure areas.

These cookies do not require consent from users because, without them, the website may not function properly.

For example, Strictly Necessary Cookies may be used to remember items added to a shopping cart on an e-commerce website or to authenticate users for secure logins on a banking website.

These cookies are typically session-based and expire once users close their browser or log out of the website.

Strictly Necessary Cookies are exempt from the requirement of obtaining user consent under privacy laws such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) because they are essential for providing the service requested by the user.

However, it’s important for website owners to clearly disclose the use of these cookies in their privacy policy.

Since Strictly Necessary Cookies are essential for the functionality of a website, they are often implemented by default by website development platforms or content management systems.

Website owners should regularly review the use of Strictly Necessary Cookies to ensure compliance with privacy regulations and to minimize any potential impact on user privacy.