External Links Disclaimer

Definition & Meaning:

An External Links Disclaimer is a statement that absolves a website or a digital platform of responsibility for the content, accuracy, or functions of external websites linked from its pages.

This disclaimer notifies users that once they click on an external link, they will leave the website they are currently on and enter another site, which is not controlled or endorsed by the original site.

The purpose is to inform users that the host website does not guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of information on linked external websites.

For example, if you run a blog that reviews books, you might include links to publishers, authors’ websites, or online bookstores.

By incorporating an External Links Disclaimer, you make it clear to your readers that you’re not responsible for the content on these external sites.

This can include differences in opinions, the privacy policies of the external sites, or the security of the information users might enter there.

This type of disclaimer is especially important for websites that provide extensive links to external content, such as educational sites, news aggregators, or community forums.

It helps to protect the site’s owner from legal liabilities associated with the content or practices of the third-party sites. Moreover, it serves as a reminder to users to exercise their judgment and discretion when visiting external links.

An External Links Disclaimer also typically encourages users to report any broken or inappropriate links. This can assist the website in maintaining the integrity of its external links and ensuring a positive user experience.