Default Cookies

Definition & Meaning:

Default Cookies are small pieces of data automatically created and stored on your device by a website when you visit it for the first time.

These cookies are essential for the basic functionalities of the website, such as user authentication, session management, and user preferences.

For example, when you log into a social media site, default cookies help keep you logged in as you navigate through different pages. This means you don’t have to enter your username and password every time you switch sections within the site.

Similarly, if you set a preferred language or theme on a website, default cookies remember these settings, ensuring a consistent and personalized experience across future visits.

Default cookies are considered necessary for the website’s operation, distinguishing them from optional cookies like those used for advertising or analytics.

These necessary cookies do not usually collect personal information that identifies you directly but are essential for providing a seamless user experience.

However, even for default cookies, websites are increasingly required to inform users about their cookie practices due to privacy laws and regulations.

This is why you often see cookie consent banners asking you to accept or manage your cookie preferences when you visit a website for the first time.