Make your website compliant with the GDPR with our cookie consent banner generator

Generate and display a cookie consent banner using our lightweight and customizable JavaScript plugin created to handle the latest GDPR and EU cookie legislation. Avoid lawsuits, claims, hefty fines, and win your customers’ trust by being transparent.

Cookie consent banner generator

Create Cookie Consent Banner in 3 Easy Steps

Customize the banner

Easily change the appearance, style, and text displayed on the cookie notice

Link to cookie policy

Link to your existing cookie policy or easily create a new one in minutes

Copy to your website

Copy the generated cookie consent banner code to your website

EU GDPR compliant

Our cookie consent banner plugin is fully compliant with the latest GDPR and EU cookie legislation.

Fully customizable

Use our user-friendly configurator to easily change the appearance of the cookie consent banner.

Responsive design

Our cookie consent banner will automatically adjust based on the user’s device and screen resolution.

Works anywhere

Whether you have a personal blog or eCommerce store, our cookie consent banner will work anywhere.


At just 4kb in size, your visitors won’t notice any difference in performance when visiting your website.

Easy installation

Simply copy the generated code to your website and the cookie consent banner will display automatically.

Get Compliant With Government Laws & Service Requirements

Icons of services requiring cookie compliance
Icons of services requiring cookie compliance

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