Manage Scripts via Attributes

There are two ways to manage your scripts:

Available script attributes

  • data-category: name of the category
  • data-src (optional): can be used instead of src to avoid validation issues

Example usage:


How to block/manage a script tag

You can manage any script tag. by adding the following 2 attributes (both required):

  • type="text/plain"
  • data-category="your-category-name"


    // Always executed


    // Executed when the "analytics" category is enabled

You can also run scripts when a category is disabled (if it was previously enabled) by prepending the ‘!’ character to the category name:

    // Executed when the "analytics category is disabled

Available categories

  • necessary: Essential cookies are necessary for features that are essential to your use of our site or services, such as account login, authentication, and site security.
  • analytics: Analytics cookies allow us to analyze your visits and actions so we can make our service better.
  • marketing: Marketing cookies make it possible to show you more relevant social media content and advertisements on our website and other platforms.
  • personalization: Personalization cookies help us to tailor the user experience based on your preferences. They remember the choices you make, such as language or region, and provide improved features.