5 Easy Landing Page Tips Everyone Can Follow to Increase Conversions

Getting a prospect onto your landing page is a great success. This means that you've got people interested in what you're offering and that they are already leaning towards buying what you have to offer.

A landing page is a very important step of your conversion funnel, which is why it has to be efficient at providing results you need. In order to help you create a landing page with great conversion potential, you should keep in mind these simple but often ignored or forgotten points.

Get to the point

Get to the point

When a prospect arrives on your landing page, they are already familiar with your offer in general. This is why you should not overload the prospect with detailed information about your service or product. Instead, focus on emphasizing what you're offering or selling.

By providing any extraneous information, you will risk distracting your prospects and reduce the chances of converting them. This is why landing pages will have to look much simpler than the other web pages found on your website. It should reflect the simplicity backed up by the clear design and persuasive language.

Everything you write for your landing page should serve the purpose of promoting the call-to-action. When you are done writing the text for your landing page, make sure to review it. If there is any sentence that's not actively promoting the call-to-action, feel free to cut it.

Make sure that every sentence is short and that it gives only the most important information on what you are offering. You don't want the potential customers to end up losing interest while reading what they already know. The key is to get them to respond to your call-to-action as soon as possible.

Make your call-to-action prominent

Prominent call to action

A typical landing page usually consists of several key elements. The most important one is definitely the call-to-action. This is why you have to make it the most prominent visual element on your landing page. If you fail at doing this, you risk increasing your bounce rate and losing a customer.

There are several simple rules to follow in order to make a call-to-action more prominent and effective. Let's start with the rule of the thumb - there should be only one call-to-action per landing page.

You have to make it easy for the prospect to see it and act on it. If you put more than one call-to-action there, your prospects might get confused and distracted.

You should also tweak your landing page design and use colors to make your call-to-action to stand out from the rest of the elements on your landing page layout.

The goal is to make the CTA clearly visible and easy to notice - you don't want the prospects to wonder what they should do next. In other words, your landing page should be very intuitive.

Make sure to personalize the call-to-action as well if possible, as this will help you to get more click-throughs. Refrain from using generic images and text though, for instance, "Get Your Free eBook" is much better than "Click Here".

Include testimonials and social proof

Include testimonials and social proof

We are social beings and buying things online lacks that social element. People want to feel safe in the knowledge that they are making a good decision. Ask yourself if you would be ready to give your hard-earned money to a shop that does not display testimonials of satisfied customers.

Displaying social proof on your landing page will help you to instill trust in your visitors. It is an excellent way to convey the message that you are recognized on the market and that you already have satisfied customers who're willing to vouch for you.

When shopping for items online or subscribing to a service, people simply feel safer knowing that there are existing customers who are happy with your product or service. By including testimonials on your landing page, you will provide them with social proof of your acceptance.

In order to appear more trustworthy, make sure to display your social media profiles. If you have a higher number of followers on the platforms you're active on, be sure to include those numbers too. Furthermore, if you have noteworthy clients, display their company logos on your landing page.

Any positive reference can do you some good. In case some famous magazines or newspapers have covered your company, make sure to add it to your landing page.

Display the company logo and privacy policy

Company name and logo

Privacy is one of the main concerns of people who do their business and shopping online. Since landing pages usually contain some type of form that contributes to the conversion event, you have to do your best to make potential customers feel safe enough to leave their information with you.

You can do this by displaying your company logo, address, and contact information. The company logo is the face of your brand and it will help you build a loyal customer base.

In addition, make sure to display the privacy policy right below the form you want your visitors to fill in. Since people have to enter at least some of their private information, you have to make it clear to them how it will be stored, as well as whether it's going to be used and under which circumstances.

The fact that you take users' privacy seriously can significantly increase your conversion rates.

Avoid pop-ups

Avoid pop-ups

I have already talked about how you should do your best not to distract the prospects arriving on your landing page. Pop-ups, of course, distract people and divert them from your CTA.

You have already grabbed their attention and sparked their curiosity, they are on your landing page, after all, so don't make it any more difficult for them to see what you have to offer.

These are the five simple but very effective tips that can help you build a landing page with great conversion potential.